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How to Get Rid of Birds

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How to Get Rid of Birds

   Although the birds are beautiful, they sometimes create a lot of trouble for us.For example, their voice will affect people's sleep, and their feces will be cleaned in the yard.We have to take effective measures to drive them away.

   First of all, the yard must be clean and free of leaves and debris. Birds like to stay in a bad environment, which is likely to provide a source of food for it.

   Second, you can threaten birds with a fake owl, which is usually available at the store. It's worth noting that you should always move the position of this fake owl so that the birds feel that this is a real owl rather than a harmless model.

bird spike

   Third, install the bird spikes and place the bird spikes in any area where the birds live so that the birds will not stay on top.,Make sure you purchase spikes of the appropriate size and function. Make sure that the website or store you're buying from is offering a spike size that will actually meet your specific need.In addition, don't feed the birds, so they will stay in the yard often without leaving.