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Anti-bird Spike Application

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Anti-bird Spike Application

Due to the global epidemic, people's travel has been reduced, and people's awareness of environmental protection has gradually increased, the natural environment has been improved, and the number of birds has risen sharply. And then there are some problems, the large number of birds congregating in the places where people live, producing a lot of unsightly and unsanitary feces. The calls of some birds are very loud, affecting people's daily rest and causing great distress to nearby residents. So we need some way to stop these birds without hurting them, that is to use Anti-bird spike to control the birds.

1. What is an Anti-bird spike

Anti-bird spike also known as an anti-perching peg, is a bird control device consisting of a long needle-like rod. Anti-bird spike can be installed on building ledges, street lighting and commercial signage to keep wild birds out

2.The role of Anti-bird spike

The Anti-bird spikes of bird repellent spikes are usually about 11cm and work by reducing the area where birds can land. This forced a wider variety of birds, such as gulls, pigeons and crows, to land elsewhere. When the pigeon tries to land on a surface protected by the spikes, it is lightly stabbed by one or more of the spikes, which makes the pigeon very uncomfortable, but doesn't hurt them, and then the pigeon rests in a different place . In addition to being used to control wild birds, bird control spikes and similar deterrents can be used to prevent large climbing animals such as squirrels, raccoons, possums and snakes from traversing an area. Robust metal spikes or sheet metal rings with serrated edges are typically installed horizontally or vertically around exposed or suspended water, sewage, power and communications infrastructure in areas where such species are highly active. The aim is to prevent possible damage and increased maintenance costs for such vital infrastructure by safely deterring these animals from using it as a transport system.

3.The advantages of Anti-bird spike

1)Invisibility: It can be used without power supply, and it is not easy to be seen, and it will not affect the beauty of the building

2)Easy to install: For wood or concrete surfaces, use screws to fix. For plastic surfaces, use double-sided pads or glue.

3)Long term use: Stainless steel 304 nails are usually chosen for 5 to 10 years of protection.