Visual Bird Deterrents, Bird Scare Tapes, Hanging Owls, Bird Repellent Balloon and More​​​​​​​

Visual bird detterent for suffering pigeons and birds problems around your house, crops and garden. Bird Repellent Scare Tape, hanging owls, bird repellent balloon and reflective ribbon, are the most friendly and effective deterrent for keeping birds away from your lawn, solar panel, fruit trees, and more.​​​​​​​
  • DIY Bird Detterent Scare Tape
    Easy-to-use DIY bird repellent. Simply Cut the tape into strips that are between 1 and 2 metres long, and tie the ribbon strips around tree branches or above the property such as railings, rooftops and decks wherever nuisance birds or animals are frequenting. The tape’s brilliant diamond pattern reflects sunlight for the brightest reflection possible and makes a noise as it moves in the wind for maximum resistance.

    It has great results with a variety of species, such as grackles, seagulls, ducks, crows, ravens and more!​​​​​​​
    Bird Detterent Scare Tape
  • Different Heights of the Post
    Phsical barriers like bird spikes and netting can be used. Visual deterrents can be the first line of defense which can be quickly and easily implemented. The lifelike reflective predator markings on reflective owl or bird deterrent balloon could stop birds from roosting in trees and around the property.

    Visual Bird Deterrents offer an easy way to scare birds away by creating bright colors, motion, flashing lights, and other signs of danger to frighten birds away from a home, garden, business, or other type of property. The bird deterrents can be hanging owl decoy, reflective and holographic devices, bird scare baloons, bird repellent scare rods, and other viual bird deterrents.
    reflective scare owl