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Bird Spike for bird control

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Bird Spike for bird control

Part 1 : What is Bird Spikes

Bird spike, other name is Bird repellent.

Such as farms, orchards, wind farms and military and civilian airports, to prevent harmful birds from invading their territory and thereby endangering the safety of their labor or equipment, also called "driving birds".

And it means that military and civilian use to protect the safety of aircraft take-off and landing at the airport, in order to prevent the plane high-speed take-off and landing, birds being sucked into the plane engine, or crash the plane body, landing gear, the tail, windshield, etc..all aircraft air frame.

Bird spike is a broad-spectrum, economical and practical product that can prevent bird invasion. It is characterized by safety, efficiency, environmental protection, beautification, easy maintenance, long service life and long-term benefit of one installation.

Bird spike is applicable to buildings, food factories, pharmaceutical factories, hotels and restaurants that need to be protected, and can be installed in walls, eaves, windowsills, balconies, balustrades, street lamps and other places where birds can rest.

Made of high-quality plastics and stainless steel, with service life of more than 10 years.

The relevant accessories of more than 100 kinds of bird thorns and more than 30 kinds of birds thorns can be selected according to different scenes for the corresponding birds thorns and installation methods.

Part 2:Advantage of bird spike:

* Lowest cost bird spike!

* Humane, will not harm birds!

* Permanently deter birds from landing and roosting on any surface.

* l Bird spike proofing your property and adds value to it and prevents unsightly bird droppings, diseases and damage caused by birds.

* Bird spikes help to eliminate cleaning and building maintenance costs.

* Easy to install and maintain.

Part 3 : Different types of bird spike:

① Plastic bird spike

② Stainless steel bird spike

③ Plastic base with stainless steel spike