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Bird Wire (Spring Wire)

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Bird Wire (Spring Wire)

Bird wire as a bird prevention measure spring wire is a discreet and effective system to deter birds landing and roosting.

Benefits Of Bird Wire System:

Effective in preventing birds from roosting on exposed ledges, sills, steel beams, etc.

Long using time: Components of this system are made of high quality stainless steel and plastic, which are long lasting.

Easily installation:Wire can be installed on any surface,no matter city, or rural areas, all can benefit from this bird prevention system.

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Post – from 2cm to 12cm height, made of SS 304 stainless steel.

Wire – diameter is 0.7 or 1.2 mm, SS316 marine grade or SS 304, fit more demands. coated by nylon to make them insulation.

Spring – SS 304 or 316 stainless steel.

Crimps – SS 304 or 316stainless steel.

Base  – UV treated plastic.

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Five year guarantee.

Bird wire system can help keep aggressive gulls at bay by providing a highly effective rooftop bird deterrent.

An immediate and effective solution to get rid of Gulls

Used in high level infestations in place of netting.

Serve designed and installed advice.

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