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Bird control Product Characteristics Comparison

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Bird control Product Characteristics Comparison



How, When and Where Used Best



Bird Netting

For protection of attic windows, ventilation hatches, cornices, window sills, flower beds and plantings.

Accessible, long-lasting, and versatile.


Bird Spikes

On house cornices and city fences.

Prevent pests from landing on protected surfaces.

Unaesthetic, require regular cleaning.

Bird wire system

On house cornices, handrails, fences, roofs, facades.

Repels birds effectively, is more appropriate and aesthetical than spikes.

Check the integrity of the wire regularly.

Electric Shock Bird Control Systems

To protect any surfaces or places attacked by pigeons.

Are long-lasting as their life time is 8 years. They repel and do not kill birds.

Are expensive and suitable for deserted places, such as roofs and industrial venues.

Chemical Repellents: Gels, Sprays, Naphthalene

Various surfaces, e.g., cornices, roofs, handrails, lawns and monuments, can be treated.

Cause a lasting reflex of ever avoiding treated areas.

Some compounds are toxic and require proper application in accordance with the manual.