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Description-Stainless Steel Banding Strap

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Description-Stainless Steel Banding Strap

Stainless steel banding strapps,also known as stainless steel band as a fastening solutions.Stainless steel tie belt are used in many industries stainless steel strip, to bundle items together,or will loose items to paste the items to the more stable, attached the industrial parts, anchor and suspension components and other devices connected to the electric pole. Also used for electric fastening solutions, with LV, HV, ABC cable accessories. The metal band is better than other materials of belt, because they are more durable and wear-resisting. When other types of tape is not enough, stainless steel tie belt will complete the work. High quality stainless steel band strapps are used for all types of applications, including bundling cables and hoses, ships, telecommunications, oil, natural gas, transportation, logo, industrial, which can used to bundle items together, or will loose items to paste the items to the more stable.

Our strapping comply with popular strapping tools and buckles, they are durable,strong,and can be adjusted. As we all know, the changing of weather and constant exposure would make the many materials weaker, but the stainless steel band strapps will bear the challenges, and continue to carry out every year. The ss band strapps can give you the flexibility to clamp and reduce the waste of exact length. The light weight can makes it easy to handle flexibility and economy of the individual packing coil, which is of great value to you.

The band strapps can be fixed using our ss buckles and tensioning tools or strapping tools. Furthermore, the strapps with higher corrosion resistance is more important, especially for the stainless steel level SS 316, 201, 304, 316 has a good mechanical resistance, the stainless steel band strapps has a excellent mechanical properties and highest tensile strength. Due to its high work hardening rate, it possesses uniform elongation for improving the application of severe tensile properties such as strapping bands and preformed hose clamps.

Product Features

1.Material:Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum,Aluminum alloy, Galvanized steel, plastic and so on.

2.Operation temperature:-40°c to 80°c

3.Advantage: High tensile strength,rust poof,air corrosion, high resistance to aceticacid, etc

4.Specification: width 6mm-20mm,thickness 0.5mm-1mm

5.Packing: 30m/roll, 30.5mm/roll, 50m/roll, Carton package, Plastic dispenser or also be packaged according to customer requirements.

When you want to install the signs and signals,our stainless steel banding strapps can perform very good, which will make your goods better, faster, cheaper. The SS band strapps are made out of different grades of stainless steel of 201/202/304/316/430.SS 316 level due to chemical corrosion environment, temperature, humidity and radiation, has excellent corrosion resistance in the field of ocean.Stainless steel bar with high tensile strength and quality, combined with plastic bags to easy superior packaging, which is an alloy with at least 10.5% to 11% chromium in steel. Add chromium and other alloy will make the stainless steel metal more resistant to corrosion than others.