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Electric Fence Posts

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Electric Fence Posts

Fence posts included in this category are made from metal or high grade UV protected plastic. The round metal posts will require insulators in order to secure your fence line. The plastic posts are  already insulated and have slots or holes to support the different types of fence lines at various heights. All plastic fence posts have a mixture of wire, rope and tape slots.

It is recommended that you will need to position fence posts between 5m and 7m apart. In areas where your fence is sheltered and with more highly tensioned fence lines you will be able to extend this distance between posts, but in highly exposed windy area and rough terrain the  electric fence posts should be a shorter distance apart. The better your strainposts at the start, corners and end of the fence, the greater the fence post distance you will be able to afford. Strain end posts should be wooden or metal permanent posts which are driven well into the grouns to offer support for the fence line.


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