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FAQ About Anti Bird Spikes

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FAQ About Anti Bird Spikes

What are anti bird spikes?

An anti bird spike, also known as an anti-roosting spike or roost modification, is a device used for bird control consisting of a long needle-like rod. They can be attached to building ledges to prevent wild or wild birds from perching or roosting. Birds produce large amounts of unsightly and unsanitary droppings, and some birds have very loud calls that are inconvenient for nearby residents, especially at night. As a result, these are used to deter these birds without harming them or killing them.

Anti Bird Spikes work by reducing the area where birds can land. This forces the birds to land elsewhere. Since the birds did not come into contact with the spikes, the birds go unharmed.

Described as "the most effective (type) of stand-alone bird deterrent," anti bird spikes can be placed on ledges, walls, tops of commercial signage, and rain gutters to keep birds from perching on surfaces. They are most commonly found in urban centers and coastal areas, where wild birds are more common and are more prone to conflict with humans.

Which Birds Can Anti Bird Spikes Repel?

Our anti bird spikes are great all rounders. They are effective against larger pest birds such as pigeons and gulls, as well as smaller birds such as Indian myna, sparrow, and myna.The reason they can do this is because of the way the spikes are arranged along the base. The groups of spikes along the base are close enough (or dense enough) that the birdie cannot land between rows. Individual spikes are also long enough (or tall enough) that larger birds cannot step over them and gain a foothold.

How do you install anti bird spikes?

Installing Anti Bird Spikes is very easy.

First make sure the surface where you attach the spikes is clean and free of any dust, debris, or bird droppings. Be aware that bird droppings can carry many diseases that can lead to respiratory infections, so be careful when cleaning and make sure to wear a suitable dust mask.

Anti Bird Spikes can be mounted to surfaces in a number of ways. The quickest and easiest way is usually to use UV-stabilized glue.

Apply an even bead of silicon along the entire length of the spike base. Position the tack bar in the desired location and press firmly. Repeat this process for subsequent spikes strips and link to the end of the previous strip.

You can also use nails or screws through the pre-drilled holes in the base.

Will these bird spikes harm or injure the birds?

No. Bird spikes are designed to create an uneven, pointy surface on which birds cannot land. The bird sees the spikes, so it doesn't try to land on the ledge. These spikes also have blunt tips, so birds won't get hurt if they accidentally touch them.

What maintenance is required with these spikes?

The great thing about installing bird spikes is that they are maintenance free. They provide a long-term, cost-effective and maintenance-free solution to deter birds. Under normal circumstances, the life expectancy of these spikes is about 7 years.