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How to Install Q Span Clamp

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How to Install Q Span Clamp

The purpose of the span clamp is to provide drop wire clamp attachment at the mid-span, the span clamps are superior in safety and functionality to produce small quantities efficiently to increase productivity.

Q Span clamp is used in drop cable installations to the strand for either accepting the bail of drop wire clamps or for wrapping the support wire of drop cable. It can provide drop wire takeoffs along the span and relieve tension on the drop wire at this point.

Q Span Clamp is designed for 1/4″ to 7/16″ messenger strand, used for mid-span drop wire take-offs, will hold cable away from obstacles in the line of aerial construction.

Q Span Clamp Main Features:

Used for mid-span drop wire take-offs

Will hold cable away from obstacles in the line of aerial construction

The clamp consists of a set of aluminum jaws, a 1/4″ diameter “pig-tail” shaped bolt, and a hex nut.

The Jaws are rolled and stamped from 6063 Aluminum

The bolt and hex nut are formed from Grade 2 Steel, hot-dip galvanized

Attaches to strand ranging in size from 1/4″ (6.6m) to 7/16″(16m).

Q Span Clamp Installation:

First of all, position clamping polates on top of messenger strand. Here you can tighten clamping nut.

Then, insert drop wire, drop wire clamp or wire grip into the hook.

At last, pull drop wire against the hook toward the area where service is being installed.

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