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How to choose bird spikes?

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How to choose bird spikes?

With the improvement of human environment protection consciousness, the natural environment also gradually improve, a sharp rise in the number of birds, it also brought a series of problems, such as bird droppings corrosion buildings, environmental pollution, bacterium lead to disease.

Bird spike is very popular in regions with high plant coverage, environment friendly, on the premise of do not harm birds to keep bird away from humans, and it is also very beautiful. 

Therefore, how to choose the (bird spike) bird repellent and the correct installation is particularly important.

How to choose bird spike ?  

There are three types of bird spike 

① All made of plastic material (PC or PP)

② All made of stainless steel material (Stainless steel 201 / 304 / 316)

③ Plastic base with stainless steel spikes

Measure the place size where you want to install bird spike, choose the suitable bird spikes item.

①Choose ones that are easy to cut, so that you can cut the length of the bird spike as your request.

②Choose the bird spike which materials that are not easy to rust,  long use life, avoid frequent replacement, increase maintenance costs.

How to install bird spike? 

A.  Prepare the tools, such as bird spikes, glue or screws, and rags

B.  Clean and dry areas where bird spikes should be installed

C.  Use glue or screws to fix the bird spikes

bird spikes install