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How to make Bird Spike DIY - GKPC-57

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How to make Bird Spike DIY - GKPC-57

For the sake of ecological balance, we start to protect birds, but the constant reproduction of birds also brings us a lot of troubles. For example, bird droppings can corrode buildings, pollute the environment, breed a lot of bacteria and cause diseases.

Therefore, keeping birds away from residential areas is very necessary and important, and the installation of bird spikes is an effective solution to this problem, which will not harm birds and prevent birds from approaching people.

Bird Spikes Specification:

Material base : Polycarbonate (include UV)

Material spike : Stainless steel 201 / 304 / 316

Base size : 21cm length with 2cm width

Model : 1 row , 2 row 

Bird Spikes Advantage:

1. Bird Spikes can be DIY assembled by yourself

2. Small package of bird spikes, less freight charge

3. The spikes are removable, you can make it 1 row or 2 row according to your request

4. UV protected polycarbonate - will not deteriorate under extreme temperatures

5. High standard stainless steel, such as 201, 304, 316 etc, anti rust effectively

Bird Spike DIY assemble:

Like the picture shown

1. Prepare 1 base and 4 sets spikes

2. Install the spikes on the base

3. Adjust the Angle of the spikes based on your requirement

bird spike - gkpc-57