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Introduction of Dacromet Treatment

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Introduction of Dacromet Treatment

Dacromet was first introduced in the late 1950s. At that time, the firm ice cover hindered the traffic seriously in winter in north America and Europe. Salts, which could decrease the freezing point of water, were used to solve this problem. Though problems were settled, new ones appeared. The chloridion would corrode the steel structure, leading to serious safety problems. At last, it was Mike Martin who found a solution, i.e. Dacromet Treatment.

Dacromet treatment is applying a water-soluable paint, which contains Zn, Al and Cr elements, to the metal products (like angles, brackets, post anchors, post supports, nuts and bolts), then dry at a specified temperature. The Dacromet coat can prevent the metal products from corroding by chloridion.

1. Main Components:

   Metal stuffs: Zinc and Aluminium;

   Solvent: inert organic solvent, like ethylene glycol;

   Inorganic acid: chromic acid;

   Special organics: white powder made of cellulose.

2. Process

   deoil——polishing——spraying——baking——secondary spraying——baking——drying

3. Advantages

   a. Super corrosion resistence. The thickness of Dacromet firm is only 4-8 micrometer, but        the antirust capacity is 7-10 times over traditional zinc plating, HDG and zinc coating.

   b. No hydrogen embrittlement.

   c. High temperature resistance. The Dacromet firm can bear high temperature, up to 300       ℃, while other processes are already damaged when temperature reaches 100℃.

   d. Dacro coating has good adhesion with metal matrix, easy to be painted.

   e. Good permeability. Normally, the small holes, slits, inner surface are hard to galvanize,        but Dacromet treatment can make it.

   f. Eco-friendly.