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SHIC-1: Bird Control Spikes Metal SS 304 Installation Clamp

Place of origin: HeBei, China
Customization support
Material: stainless steel 201,304,316
usage:Windowsill, pipe, ledge
  • SHIC-1
  • SH

Anti Bird Roosting Spike Installing Clips

Where will clip be used?

  • Rooftops & ledges

  • Windowsills, louvers & eaves                  

  • Support structures, 

  • beams & rafters

  • Chimneys & air conditioners

  • Signs & billboard

Anti Bird Roosting Spike Installing Clips application

Factory introduction

Hebei Sincerity Building Hardware is the leading manufacturer of bird control products in China. Pigeon Patrol products have solved pest bird problems in industrial, commercial, and residential settings since 2011, by using safe and humane bird deterrents. We offer a variety of bird deterrents, ranging from UV protection bird spike, Bird Netting to Installation tool.

Anti Bird Roosting Spike Installing Clips production

1. Can the customer's logo be printed on the product?

Yes, of course, but the mold needs to be changed. In addition, we recommend using stickers to achieve the same effect, which is more convenient and less money.

2. How long can the bird spike last?

Stainless steel 304 spike will be used for 5 to 10 years, without extreme weather. if AISI 3016, there would be longer time.

3. Can we get sample before order?

Of course! we will serve free sample to our client,if order is decided,sample express fee will be paid by us!



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