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Stainless Steel Drop Wire Cable Clamps

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Stainless Steel Drop Wire Cable Clamps

Stainless steel drop wire cable clamp is a type of wire clamp, which is widely used to support telephone drop wire at span clamps, drive hooks and various drop attachments. Stainless steel wire clamp consists of three parts: a shell, a shim and a wedge equipped with a bail wire. We mainly have two types of it, 1 pair - 2 pair wire clamps and 6 pairs wire clamps. Stainless steel wire clamp has various advantages, such as good corrosion resistant, durable and economical. This product is highly recommended because it's excellent anti-corrosion performance. What's more, except for stainless steel wire clamps, we can also produce stainless iron drop wire clamp. Our wire clamps products are available in various materials and lengths. All can be customized according to you specific requirement.

There are two wedge-shaped SS drop wire clamps, one of them is showed in the form of components.

Stainless steel drop wire clamp consists of three parts: a shell, a shim, a wedge equipped with a bail wire.


Materials: commonly SS304, SS306, SS316, SS430, etc.

Shapes: wedge-shaped body and round-shaped body.

Clamp Types: 1 pair - 2 pair drop wire clamp and 6 pair drop wire clamp.

Shim material: metallic or plastic.

Shim style: serrated shim or dimpled shim.


Good anti-corrosion performance.

High strength.

Abrasion and wear resistant.



Easy installation.


The serrated shim increases the adhesion of stainless steel wire clamp on cables and wires.

The dimpled shims protect cable jacket from being damaged.



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