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Suspension Clamp

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Suspension Clamp

Suspension clamps are designed to give the conductors physical and mechanical support. This is important, especially if you've installed conductors for power transmission lines or even telephone lines.

Suspension clamps enhance the stability of conductors by limiting their movement, especially against strong winds, storms and other vagaries of natural environments.

Made of galvanized steel, suspension clamps have adequate tensional strength to support the weight of conductors onto the perfect positions.The material is also resistant to corrosion and abrasion hence can serve its primary purpose for a long time.

The clever ergonomic design of the suspension clamp ensures that the weight of the conductor is evenly distributed on the body of the clamp. This design also provides the perfect connection angle for the conductors. In some cases, counterweights are added to prevent the conductor 's uplift.

Other fittings such as nuts and bolts are used along with the suspension clamps to enhance the connection with the conductors.

You can also request custom designed suspension clamps to suit your application area. This is vital since some suspension clamps are designed for single cables, while others are for bundled conductors.

Types of Suspension Clamps

Suspension clamps are versatile power line fittings. They are not all the same. They come in different models, making them suitable in their respective areas of applications.

This simply means that a suspension clamp that designed for a particular use may not be suitable for another application.

Some are even cable specific whereby they can only be used on specific types of conductors.

The most common types of suspension clamps include:

-AGS  suspension clamp

-Suspension clamp for ABC cable

-Suspension clamp for ADSS cable

-Suspension clamp for OPGW cable

-Suspension clamp for HT&LT cable

-Preformed suspension clamp

-Cable suspension clamp u-type

-Double suspension clamp

What kind of cable do you use on your overhead transmission line? From the list above, you should be able to identify the right suspension clamp for the job.

If you are not sure, feel free to invite a suspension clamp expert who can help you choose the right model.  Consultation with reliable suspension clamp manufacturers will also be helpful.