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Ten Features Of Stainless steel banding strap

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Ten Features Of Stainless steel banding strap

Using stainless steel banding strap

Stainless steel banding strap is used in a lot of industries for a extensive kind of uses, however, in all instances its overall performance is prime. Stainless steel strapping band is designed to be durable,so when the material needs to be fixed in place, stainless steel banding strap may be the best selection.

The first selection is usually a band standard edge or a safe edge type. Whenever their is a risk of the stainless steel strapping band getting into contact with bare hands then safe edge is important.This type is used for signs, dustbin, business Christmas decorations, cables,etc. The standard edge banding is broadly used for the heating and ventilation trade and oil and gasoline insulation securing pipe metallic jacketing.

The second choice is stainless steel buckle, stainless-steel buckle is the most popular for the sign industry where  the diameters of posts are usually small and the stainless steel buckles and teeth are used. 

To fix the stainless steel banding strap first cut to the required circumference generally permitting a touch greater, then thread through buckles and folded again on itself.Stainless steel banding strap is looped around the object to be secured this can be a signpost, tank, or even Christmas decorations.­ Another side of the stainless steel banding strap is also via the  buckle. The tension is multiplied with a banding tool till tightly secured. Then cutting the stainless steel banding strap, leaving a short piece left simply long sufficient to returned via stainless steel buckle. Now you may know what is stainless steel banding strap, let us Continue to introduce the feature.

The feature of stainless steel banding strap

1. Self-made, the user can tailor the length of any required.

2. Used for binding cables, billboards, traffic signs, pipes, etc.

3. Choose different sizes according to different use environment.

4. You can use the stainless steel banding tool to install the stainless steel strapping band.

5. It can be used with L-type stainless steel buckle, tooth-type stainless steel buckle, stainless steel flat buckle and screw-type stainless steel buckle.

6. Stainless steel banding strap, buckle selection of high-quality materials stainless steel 201 304 316, with its strong binding strength is widely used in all kinds of fields.

7. Strong and practical carton packaging, existing simple plastic waterproof packaging, new portable box with convenient handles, and transparent design can show the remaining stainless steel strapping band, when used according to the need to pull out.

8. Stainless steel strapping band with smooth R rounded edge, bright surface, good oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance, is the industry standard for general binding program.

9. It is safe and easy to install, it can also be double strapped to increase load capacity. It is more suitable for corrosion, humidity, seawater and other harsh environments.

10. It can be processed into arbitrary specifications.

Banding tool

Stainless steel banding tool is suitable for stainless steel strap banding, with the function of tensioning and cutting stainless steel the strap banding, simple operation, convenient and practical, is the most common stainless steel banding tool.

The banding tool is applicable to stainless steel strapping band with a width of 6.5-20mm and a thickness not exceeding 0.8mm.