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What is stainless steel strapping band?

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What is stainless steel strapping band?

Stainless steel strapping band is a high strength strapping band made of various steel alloys. Among the commonly used banding materials, the stainless steel stripping band has the highest fracture strength and can bear the heaviest load without fracture.

Stainless steel banding strap is considered to be tough and can exist beneath any bad weather condition. In case you need to ensure an area from excessive cold or heat, you need to use stainless steel banding strap to ensure that they are not subject to any corrosion. It is not even affected by unnecessary expansion and contraction. This banding has a wide range, including different sizes and shapes.

Stainless Steel strapping band Feature

Stainless steel strapping band holds together other metals and helps for pavers, roll-end has strong coils, and even bailing wire. It has a lot of applications, and it secures packaged glass.

Stainless steel strapping band makes sure there are no breaks and damages to any surface. It secures a wide load in a large container with ease.

This is known for closing the metal shipping with no issue. It can easily take care of corrugated boxes or contains.

Stainless steel strapping band locks items into pallets and crates.

Helps to secure small items including small packages, paper tools, and newspapers.

Stainless Steel strapping band Installation

Part 1: Installation of Stainless Steel Banding

1. Measure and cut a section of stainless steel stripping band for banding equipment. As a guide,a single- band is usually measured 3 1/2 times, and a double-band application is 7 times the diameter of the composite to be bundled. Adding additional 5"-7"(depending on application) allows locking and tensioning tool operations.

2. Insert one give up of the band thru the buckle-bridge till about 2" of the band extends from the buckle-ears. Fold the 2" extension underneath the buckle.?To save you any slipping all through tensioning,make sure that the fold is tight and that the folded cease follows the equal direction because the remainder of the band.

3. Wrap the remaining stainless steel band across the object and wrap it through the buckle bridge.

For double-wrapped applications, repeat a 2D wrap and thread the stop through the buckle-bridge. 

The band is now equipped with tensioning and locking.

Part 2: Installation of Buckle and Tensioning of Band

4.Use the banding tool to lift the clamping bar and guide the band through the side groove of the tool head and the clamping block. Make sure that the cutter bar is leveled with the tool in this step.

5.Tension the band by turning the device take care of while keeping stress on the gripping lever.Maximum tension is applied when the band doesn’t over  the buckle-bridge.

When turning the handle counterclockwise, roll the tool through the button and pull the cutting rod to cut off the excess belt.

6.Remove the tool and press the root of the banding between the buckle ears.Bend the buckle ears down and through the root.

7.Gently hammer the buckle ears in opposition to the band stub to lock the band in place.