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Why use bird spike

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Why use bird spike

 You must be in a bad mood when your car goes through the following situations.

bird spike

       Bird excrement is a headache for many car owners, just like the rain after washing the car, which makes the owner very mad.Bird droppings are dozens of times more corrosive to cars than acid rain.

     Through the decomposition of bird droppings, scientists guano containing uric acid salt, ammonia, uric acid, phosphoric acid, oxalic acid, carbonate, such as strong acid, the car paint surface damage than the acid rain in our impression hundreds.Not only will guano in strong acid corrosion car paint surface oxide layer, time is long after clearing still will leave print, and cause slight sag, even wax can't save.

     In addition, parked under a tree happened to drop down the birds excrement, then if you think that will be immediately clean bird droppings on the surface of the car is all right, that could cause a big mistake, because the bird no teeth in the mouth, usually eat small gravel to grind the food in the stomach to help digestion, and these small gravel together with guano eduction body outside, accidentally, while wiping may make lots of tiny scratches the surface of the car.

     So, in order to drive away these birds, we invented bird spike.Our company has produced a lot of different specifications of bird spike, Welcome to choose!