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Pole Band

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Pole Band

Do you want to hold or secure other pole line accessories on distribution and transmission lines?

If yes - then you need a pole band.

It's a simple pole line hardware, but it plays a pivotal role - without pole band, distribution and transmission lines are incomplete.

And, today, you'll learn about pole band.

A pole band is also known as a pole fastener, pole band clamp, and pole fastening clamp.

They are used more on poles to make sure they are always fastened ideally in supporting pole line connections.

For the single offset pole band, there is an outstanding square part in the middle of one piece pole band. On the other piece of single offset pole band, there is no hole in the half-round band. This outstanding part is designed for bolts to go through. This bolt will connect the guy clamp or other pole line hardware. For the double offset pole band, it can support two lines, because, on each half round band, there is an outstanding square part in the middle.


What are the types of pole bands?

There are many types used on transmission and distribution lines, here are some common ones:

Single offset pole band

Double offset pole band

Utility pole bands

Cable pole band

Telephone bracket pole band

Link style pole band