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SHSS-5: 3 Rows Long Lasting Bird Spike Stainless Steel 304

Base length: 50 cm
Pest type: birds
Material: stainless steel 201,304,316
Place of origin: HeBei, China
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3 Rows Long Lasting Bird Spike Stainless Steel 304

Base length

50cm/ 19.7 in  


Stainless steel (AISI201.304.316) 

Base width

2cm/0.8 in



Diameter of spike


Application Type

Physical Barrier

Length of spike

11cm/4.3 on

Pest Type

Birds, pigeon, pest animal

Spike number

30 spikes


humane, eco-friendly

Bird control spikes is a kind of harmless pest deterrent, which is easy to apply and highly effective where ever it is installed. 

  • Will not hurt bird's feet but resist them from landing on surface;

  • Long- term use; Be functioned for 5 years or more;

  • Choose the fitfull bird spikes, and they will be install on surface through  tie, glue or screw perfectly;

  • Decrease the bird dropping and nuisance for residents, workers, customers, etc.

  • You cann't find the spikes only if search them carefully.

What will it repel?
Sparrows and Starlings
Crows and Blackbirds
Seagulls, Geese, and Turkey Vultures   

where will be used?

  • Rooftops & ledges

  • Windowsills, louvers & eaves

  • Support structures, 

  • beams & rafters

  • Chimneys & air conditioners                       

  • Signs & billboards  


Step 1: Be sure that the area is clean, dry and free from bird droppings.

Step 2: Choose the tools you plan to use according to the base condition:

A. If using on a wooden or concrete surface, simply use the screw. 

B. If using on a plastic surface, the spikes can be fixed in place with glue, plastic ties, or installation clamp.

Step 3: The first row of spikes are pasted on the front of the surface, so that it is fully protected by the spikes.

Step 4: Immediately replace the damaged spike before the birds move in.

3 Rows Long Lasting Bird Spike Stainless Steel 304 application

1. Packing size:decided by quantity.

2. Packing way: carton or box.

3. Whether supply printed design:we can print the carton after client supply drawing design.

4. How many pieces in one packing:100pcs per carton is standard choice,also accept other qty.

3 Rows Long Lasting Bird Spike Stainless Steel 304 packing

3 Rows Long Lasting Bird Spike Stainless Steel 304 production

1. Do you support small orders? how ship them?

Yes, Products in stock every month will be different, we will recommend the stock spikes to you. We advise to ship by express when small quantity.

we have long-term cooperation with the courier companies, and they can provide more favorable prices.

2. Do you provide samples?  What is the rate?

The general sample is provided for free.

Customer only pay the courier fee and will deduct after the order.

3. Can the customer's logo be printed on the product?

Yes, of course, but the mold needs to be changed. 

In addition, we recommend using stickers to achieve the same effect, which is more convenient and less money.



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