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SHWS-1:1 in Anchor Rivets Used on Bird Wire System

Place of origin: HeBei, China
Customization support
Material: plastic
Diameter:6 mm
Pest type: pigeon, seagull,crow, sparrow
Production type: physical production
  • SHWS-1
  • SH

Bird Wire System consists of a fine, nylon-coated, spring-tensioned stainless-steel wire supported by stainless steel posts, which are fixed into stonework using nylon anchor rivets.

Anchor Rivets provide versatile, inexpensive, vibration-resistant blind fasteners for solid or hollow materials including wood, concrete, plaster, metal, plastic, tile block, and mortar. Installation is fast, a rivet is inserted in a predrilled hole and tapped with a hammer. The drive pin expands and seats the rivet securely in place. 


bird deterrent wire installation step

where will be used?

  • Rooftops & ledges

  • Windowsills, louvers & eaves                  

  • Support structures, 

  • beams & rafters

  • Chimneys & air conditioners

  • Signs & billboard

Stainless Steel 316 Bird Deterrent Wire Barrier application

1. Packing: 200pcs/bag,then into carton.

2. Packing way: carton or box.

3. Whether supply printed design:we can print the carton after client supply drawing design.

crimp packing

1. Do you provide samples?  What is the rate?

The general sample is provided for free.

Customer only pay the courier fee and will deduct after the order.

2. Can the customer's logo be printed on the product?

Yes, of course, but the mold needs to be changed. 

In addition, we recommend using stickers to achieve the same effect, which is more convenient and less money.



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